New Forum Software

Nice to see real interactive forum software. Discourse works very well for this kind of product to help build a community. (I’m pretty active on the Glowforge forum which also uses Discourse.)

Will you be moving the posts from the old forum? There was some good content there.

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Any chance of a vbulletin forum or something similar?

Going to be sticking with Discourse assuming it works out for us long term.

The old forum content is still available at We don’t have a migration plan at the moment but we may in the future when we’ve got some more time. If there’s anything you found useful please repost the content (not the link) with credit to the original poster.

The laser forum I’ve been involved with the past three years has 10,000 members. I just checked and I e read 290,000 posts in 884 days visiting. (I need a life I think :slightly_smiling_face:)

We use it for tips, tutorials, support, posting projects, sharing files & settings. It’s working pretty well so assuming the Crossfire community isn’t bigger than that I’d expect this will be a good choice.

Is there a way for you to send out a blast to all owners to get on the Map?
Here is how they can do it.

Thank you for considering it.

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