New cut 60 machine torch

Does anyone here have any reviews on the new CNC torch for the primeweld Cut 60? The torch that uses the hypotherm consumables.

Thanks in advance!

Its a Chinese copy. Buy one and let us know how it works. I really don’t know why anyone would buy a copy Hypertherm torch for a Primeweld anyway is not going to make it any better. Lipstick on a pig don’t make it anything but a pig.


I am getting great cuts with the 1.1 consumable in the regular machine torch. But I’ve been trying to use fine cut consumables .9 and that has been a disaster. I don’t want to spend 3k on a new machine when this one cuts pretty good.

0.9mm is a 40 amp cutting tip. fine cutting tips are 0.6mm/20 amp and 0.8mm/30 amp.

Thx for the info. That’s fine compared to what I’ve been using. I’m cutting 14 g so I think that’s the smallest I can use.