New Crossfire user

Got this thing set up and it is cutting, but the machine works better than me at this point. Still working on making files myself but I am amazed at the cut quality of this this. I had only ever hand cut before and wow, this cuts like a table saw. The power supply is a 65A Hypertherm I got used for a song.

Found a place with decent scrap and new. Cleaning up the pieces I got, Can’t afford it from the big box.

Anyway, this is proving to be a good investment. But glad I got the torch height control. I don’t know if I am smart enough to do it without that feature. Also, it was expensive but glad I got a mini machine torch as well. That way I can always keep it with the table.

So anyone considering, my recommendation is the THC, water table, and machine torch, made it super easy to set up. And If you have the Hypertherm, get the cable, it also makes it basically plug and play. That was the easiest part.

also, the way this is designed, if you have saw horses you can fit a 4x8 sheet on the table of a crossfire but most of it will be off the table.

Great design and is a quality product withinbg reach financially. Some day hope to upgrade but this is just fine for the foreseeable future.


:sob: :sob: :sob:

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I looked for well over a year and finally found one. Then I had to find a suitable air compressor that would run the cutter for more than 3 minutes and that took a while, then I blew everything I saved on the table. Been looking at this for a few years and amassing what I needed.

That’s for sure. The big box stores are the most expensive place to get metal. Google “metal supplier” and see what you can find nearby. Good prices for clean material and most will also have discounts for off cuts (or drops) that are a good deal for small projects.