New Crossfire Question

I have my Crossfire set up cutting and other than tuning my cutter to get the best cuts i am happy with it. The one problem I have is that when the plasma is cutting my monitor goes blank. I have a desktop thin client set up with two monitors. When i run it off a lap top with only the USB going to the crossfire control all is well. Any ideas?


How are you sending the signal to your second monitor? HDMI? VGA? DP?

One monitor is on A DP direct plug and the other on a DP to VGA adaptor

Do both monitors go blank or just one?

What kind of plasma unit do you have?

Both go blank and I am running an old Thermal Dynamics PAK 100

According to the manual this is a high frequency machine.

Is there a chance that the electromagnetic interference produced by this machine is switching those monitors off during the cut?

A lot of cabling to pick up interference.
And basically an open joint with the DP to VGA connection .electromagnetically speaking.

In the manual it does go through some procedures to mitigate this but the fact is the interference exists and can and will contaminate other signals.

not to mention HF starting can fry the electronics on the Langmuir system…

Well then i will be ordering a new plasma cutter and not running the one i have. Time to work the corner again