New Crossfire Pro owner in North Central Washington State

Have the Pro, with torch height control and limit switches. I am pairing it with a Hypertherm 65 Sync since I maintain some farm and other heavy equipment and it would be nice to be able to cut thicker material. I’ve got a machine torch and hand torch, both of which I expect to use.

Primary uses for me will be making repairs on existing equipment, decorative signs, fabricating 3D containers (such as fuel tanks) that I’ll weld together, and maybe even some paid work. :slight_smile:

Just got it assembled, the table has been tested with jogging around in X, Y, and Z.
Waiting on the CPC cable and machine torch bracket.

No real problems with assembly. The X axis was a little stiff at first and it would miss steps a lot at 200 and 300 IPM, but after a few adjustments of the nut it seems fine now.


Welcome neighbor!!!

One of my very favorite vacation spots is Chelan but I live on the Olympic Peninsula. I have the Pro with the Hypertherm 45XP with machine torch. Once you put that machine torch on your table, you won’t want to use that hand torch much.

I am mostly hobby, repairs and problem solving around the house and place with my machine. Once in awhile my wife talks me into making some of those artsy things for street fairs. They have not sold well so I am resisting any more of that nonsense. I did make several Rocket stoves and they turned out great (in my opinion).

Hopefully, you do have the lead screws figured out because any binding will throw off your cuts and you will not be happy. A better testing speed is 50 ipm or less because it doesn’t have the momentum to push thru any challenges.

I have found this forum to be one of the best benefits that I never expected. Great people with massive brains (not me, just them).

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Thanks for the advice. At this point I don’t have any real idea on the accuracy, I should put a pen or something in it and try drawing a few things.

Some have talked about attaching a marker to the torch holder.

  1. You would run FireControl as a “dry run” and it would not even try to fire the torch.
  2. Turn off the IHS (initial height setting) because that would smash down on the pen or marker and then lift up.

That could be a way to see if you are losing steps and how smooth it is running while you wait for your cutter cable. But there will be lots of other things to test once you get the cutter attached!

Hey there Carlton, same boat and stage as you here! Just got my pro cobbled together, jogged to the extremes of the table, tightened couplers and leads… moving on to THC and limit switch wiring today after work.

A few friends (and wife for that matter) have been like “sweet, ya got it together”… and I have been on repeat stating “lol, not quite yet…” :smile: As @ChelanJim mentioned… much left to do from drying air to wiring cnc controls tween torch/controller, table fill/drain apparatus, learning the software side, test cuts, +, +, +… Their eyes glass over shortly after saying “not quite yet”… :joy:

Good luck with it man.

@Domo The THC and limit switches were fairly easy to install and worked without any issues for me. Still waiting on the machine torch holder and the hypertherm CPC cable. But I got the ship notification yesterday, so it won’t be too long.

Nice, I do like the intuitive instructions, but see a need for cable management enhancements already for these X and limit cables. I’ve been delayed and just finishing up my limit switch wiring. Trying to set home (back/left corner), but she’s trying to go back/right corner… Orientation is correct for manual jogs. Trying to figure out if interface related or nut behind keyboard, lol…

I had that problem at first too, and then had to turn the enclosure off, restart the app, and then it worked correctly.


Man, you probably saved me at least an hours worth of work. :fist_right: :fist_left: I was on here to run a search when I noticed your reply. Just PM me where to send the check and I’ll drop it in the mail. :joy: :+1:

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Please let me know if that works for you too.

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It did work, thanks! About 2 minutes after you replied, I tried it and the machine homed perfectly! Spot on!

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Finally made my first cuts.
A couple of pictures of the parts:
Short video: Hypertherm Powermax 65 Sync on Langmuir Crossfire Pro - YouTube

I used the fine cut tip, and it was set to 45 amps on 16 gauge steel, so I think it was way too hot & slow. Not bad for a ‘first’ try. (I had problems with my pierce time stopping the first four tries)


Does look really slow, especially for a Hypertherm. I’m sure you’re happy just the same to be making sparks! Congrats!

Yes, totally happy that it’s all actually running.

I actually made some useful parts today too:

They are edge/corner supports for a set of trailer sides I’ve been building. 1/4" steel, and the little cutouts are so I can weld them onto the other piece.

1/4" wide holes in 1/4" thick steel is not big enough to do a good job of welding on though.

So I’m learning!