New crossfire pro owner from southeast Massachusetts

Hello everyone,
i finally had the time to build my crossfire pro table a couple months ago.i still have alot to learn but i have loved it so far. ive read alot of the different topics on here but never wrote anything til now.
I own/operate a dump truck business and work mostly during the warmer months with that. I got into welding and metal fabrication a couple years ago more out of necessity having repairs on the trucks. Since then ive kinda went all out researching, building and accumulating everything you would have in a small fabrication shop. The shop next door to me just went up for rent and ive been juggling around the idea of opening a small shop. i put a deposit down on the mr1 which is going to be a huge learning curve. im looking forward to learning from the shared knowledge of others. thanks for reading

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also, i read somewhere about a few sets of dies that people are sharing to install better drains. i installed a holding tank on my table and the stock drains leak. Seems like the dies are probably the best solution

the dies in my opinion are not all that!

just install a couple of kitchen sink drains…the little dimple you get is really nothing.

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Oh…welcome to the forum…

ok, good to know. i saw some people were using the machine to cut the circles which isnt a bad idea either. im just tired of walkin in and seeing water all over the new shelf. cant seem to get the current drains tight enough

I had trouble getting mine to seal using normal plumbers putty. I the used the same sealant they sent to seal the water table and let it cure for at least 24 hours and never had a problem since.
I did not use the dimple die and I used the small bar sink style drains from Menards

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Welcome to the forum and good luck!!