New CrossFire Owner

Hello Everyone, I’m from the great state of Idaho and just pulled the trigger on the PRO w/ THC
Anyone else from Northern Idaho or Eastern Washington Area…

I lived in Fernwood Idaho, went to HI school in St.Maries. I live in Michigan now.
I ordered the pro November 2020, waiting patiently for January.

welcome to the fold…I drove through Idaho once…


St. Maries is an awesome area, I’m further up north in Spirit Lake. Congrats on your order, I can’t wait for February… Did you go with the Razor weld Plasma cutter? I opted for the Primeweld cut 60!!

Thanks, glad to be part of the Crossfire nation!!!

Hey sorry about spelling on last reply , I was half asleep. I have the titanium 45 right now that been using for a year hand cutting ,works great. I am going to purchase the prime weld cut 60 for the cfp and machine torch.
I have been to Spirit Lake as well. I raced motocross in late 70’s early 80’s at Sandpoint Idaho and Clarkia Idaho at the Fossil Bowl track which was only 11 miles from Fernwood, dam I miss that state.

Very nice, i love Idaho!!

Hello all, new here. Just ordered the crossfire pro with the THC but it won’t be ready until February some time. I’m new to plasma Cnc as well. I currently have a hypotherm powermax 45xp with the CPC port and a hand torch. Does anyone on here know if I’ll have to purchase the machine torch or will my current torch work with the crossfire pro and THC? Ok Thanks.

your hand torch should work…it is just the length of the line from Plasma to handle is very short…and makes it very awkward and it is a pain to take down and hand use each time…


Thanks for the reply!