New Crossfire build, Bag #9

So I just got my new Crossfire and put it together today. I watched the videos and I couldn’t find where to install the screws, washers and nylon nuts from Bag #9. The videos don’t discuss it.

That may be the hardware that you use or don’t use depending on weather or not you have a water table.

Did you get the water table with it?

I got the water table. These screws attach the floating piece on the long screws to the axis thing that moves. Sorry for not knowing the correct terms. I’m exhausted. I’ll take a picture tomorrow.

See video #7. Used to secure the lead nut to the mounts after you align it.

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Ok man, exciting ain’t it?
Bet you can’t wait to get cutting steel.
Get some rest, some folks will be by here to answer any questions tomorrow.
Great family here