New CrossfierPro in Alabama Questoins

So I’ve built the table, ran some dry runs cycling the table and program. I believe I’m ready, however I’m trying to figure out how to source material.

I see most of these places online, but would prefer to support local. I’ve got some huge facilities not far from my house. I work 50 hours a week, how do you guys find time to pick up your steel?
Do you guy typically call a few yards with a set spec you want and see who within reasonable driving distance has best prices and who won’t charge a fortune to cut it down for you?

However how do you guys order your steel for the table. Do you ask to buy 4x10 sheets and then have it equally cut down to say 4’x3’4". What’s the best way to buy my steel sheets that I’m maximizing my cost towards material.


I bought 2 ,4x8 sheets of 16 gauge cut into equal 3rds and a 4x4 sheet of 11 G yesterday for $130. It’s 1 mile from my house and I buy all my metal there.

Where in Bama? I use Besco Steel on 1st Ave N in B’ham. Usually just get a sheet or two at a time, and I have them shear it if I need it to get in truck or use a trailer. Often times there’s a drop that fits what I need.

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I’m in Indian Springs, very close to the private school.

I did get some prices from KGS Steel,
They were 48x96 sheets. HR 16 gauge was $60 and CR 3/16" was $190.

I asked them about cutting them down and they said it’s a $20 cutting fee.

Haven’t tried them, but I will check them out one of these days. Besco doesn’t charge me a cut fee - pretty good guys to deal with. Those big sheets are a handful for us ‘home gamers’ and being retail buyers we’re not going to get many deals on small quantity purchases. There’s also a new Metal Supermarket downtown near Cahaba Brewing Company / Besco - they just re-opened - their Fairfield location closed a while back…Darn, I thought I was the only CF Pro in town…

Im lucky to have a couple of suppliers in neighboring cities.

I have a 7x10 trailer so hauling full sheets home is no problem. I’ve also got a spare plasma cutter I can wheel out to the driveway to cut them down to carry in. That being said I hate going to pick stuff up.

One of My local suppliers will deliver to me for $20 and they have most of what I need. I used to go pick it up but I’d rather pay the 20 than lose 2-3 hours (Drive time, wait time, cut down time) of my weekend. I’m going to have them cut it down for me the next time I have them deliver sheets. Otherwise I have to wheel my welding table out to the sidewalk then get creative to cut it down.

I’m planning on a trip to a metal mart a little further away to stock up on stuff I can’t by at my favorite place. Storage just becomes the issue at that point.

Sounds like your best bet is to call around and see who would deliver, what they carry, and what they are willing to do as far as prep (cutting stuff down). I try to order a couple hundred bucks of stuff at a time to have delivered. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t bring me a single 16 gauge sheet for $20.

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I appreciate the information, but darn Besco isn’t far, it’s just the fact I have to travel from south of Birmingham to north of Birmingham lol. That’s a tough one.

I found this place on Facebook claiming not to be undersold, called Econo Metals and Supply. It’s just west of Besco though.

Like you said we’re small quantity guys, it may just be worth going to the most convenient.

Right I agree on not delivering a single sheet. I’m just trying to see where to buy when asking, which is why I just quote a single sheet. Even with delivery I’d have to be at the house though, and that may present a problem.

Since this Covid-19 I was working at home for 6 weeks, however now we’ve returned to the office for no reason since we were just as efficient at our houses, and that makes this all more difficult.

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Agreed…I rarely make the trip downtown…except for a restaurant or two we like and steel.

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I get 4x10 14 gage for around 80.00.They shear it in half so I end up with 2 4 x 5 sheets that fit in my 6 ft bed of my truck.Once you start buying you can call ahead and most places will have it cut and waiting.

When i get up and running expect questions about how to get the use out of that extra 24" left over that the pro can’t fit, but wow that’s cheap.

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I’m purchasing manager for our machine shop so I just pick up the phone and say" hey, This for me personally what is price cod?" I get my guys to unload it and load it into my truck lol.
Biggest advantage I have working there. Plus I can use the machines when I want.

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do you have a machine shop close? Stop by and ask owner if you can have metal shipped there and prepay for it, if they say okay ask who they use and go thru same vendor

I know this thread is a few months old. First I used Besco today based on what I read here.(thanks) I got a 14g and 16g sheet of hard rolled. They say they dont stock anything but thin cold rolled. Have any of you other Bama fellas found any other sources? Thanks
Also, just curious, what type of things do you guys use your machines for mostly?
-Jeremy in Alabaster