New consumables last how long?

I’ve for the machine torch, RW45, water table and THC.
I’m cutting exclusively 20GA galvanized.
Firecontrol shows a counter for time spent cutting.

How long in hours should I get from a set of consumables?



That can be from a few cuts and pierces to maybe as high 700-800. It depends on many many factors.
To get the best life here are 3 big ones and I am sure others will add to this list

Clean dry air
Correct cut settings
Quality consumables

you can search on here (top right corner) and find enough info on consumables to read for a lifetime!


What I am slowly learning having heard it a thousand times and the biggest key to long consumable life is

  1. dry air Once you believe you have dry air. then go to step two.
  2. Now go ahead and work on getting that air even dryer because after your first step your still are not there.
  3. At this point the next thing you will want to do is add more stuff to dry you air and now at this point your air is probably about 80 percent drier than when you started!!
  4. this is the most crucial step. You realize all the guys on here that have been telling you that you need clean dry air knew what they were talking about and you smile every time this topic comes up!

@DnKFab hit it on the nail. I know there are some people that believe that air does not matter but it truly does. Water exploding into steam packs a lot of force. If any doubt as to force water expands 1600 times larger in volume. All of that force erodes the tips. Think of it as a water jet cutter with its target on your consumables.

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Also using quality consumables will help.


Yes @mechanic416 I get at least twice the life using George’s aka mechanic416 here on the forums consumables vs the cheaper ones on eBay.