Needing a little help

I’m trying to use the easyscriber to do lettering the problem I have is it continues to scribe between letters I’m using fusion 360-fire control razorweld 45 and hand held torch need a little help

I don’t know all that much about the easyscriber on the razorweld 45 but I do know that your machine has to be in the T2 position when using the torch. You can check the setting on the front of your plasma cutter and the left arrow should be lit on the top setting for T2.

Definitely will check it out tomorrow it’s driving me nuts I’ve tried a half dozen different setups but nothing has worked the letters come out fine it just doesn’t raise up between the letters leaving a continuous scribe

2t/4t will not have any effect on the easyscriber, since that is for the plasma cutter and the plasma is not in use with the easyscriber.

I have never used the Easyscriber, so I don’t know if this will work. It definitely won’t work in “dry run” mode, since that mode doesn’t utilize the IHS function of the Z-axis. The only chance of it raising the torch between loops would be to run it as if the torch were on, but turn off the THC. I have never tried that, so I don’t know if it will cause any errors because there is no voltage from the torch.

are you sure the easyscriber is compatible with the rw45? i thought it only works with some hypertherm cutters that have the option to use a scribe function.

Watch this video. Easyscriber and Inkscape with Crossfire Pro CNC table - YouTube

There are a few videos out of it being used with the razorweld but they have a machine torch and using sheet cam which I have neither I may try sheetcam

Thanks I’ve never tried Inkscape I have thought about trying it but since I’m new to the game I didn’t want to overwhelm myself trying different software before I could master fusion