Need some help with this file

1974 f100.f3d (561.1 KB)

Wondering if someone could have a look at this file, can’t find why it won’t extrude.

No problem.

I just got finished some chores I’ll start a live stream in about 15 minutes.

The top left corner of the “E” is not closed.

It extruded after I closed that.


beat me to it . lol. good find

but I am going to live stream it anyhow.

A lot of little adjustments to get it working but we overcame the challenges in the end .

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thanks guys, but on top of truck is showing something that is open and i can’t find it.

TinWhisperer ,wow, that was very interesting, you make it look so easy. what do i owe you? thanks very much. you bailed me out again. c

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Just ship him some manuals and your firstborn…


cant seem to find the file

1974 f100 forum edit v0.f3d (3.1 MB)

whats the cost?

I’ll start my webstore soon, come buy some svgs :+1:t2: then

I’ll like do some like this truck.

here are some ones I was making in the past.

It was @TomWS who was the one that suggested the webstore.

I do own but the webstore is still to come


I’ll Definitely will buy from your web store. thanks again

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I cant believe he allowed someone to answer before him. Might be some new kids on the block!
I guess you cant be #1 forever :rofl:

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Better be careful your treading on thin ice here lol

hey tinwhisperer , under the passenger head light next to the border there is no path, can i input myself or is that something u need to do?

I missed selecting it. you could select it in the 2d profile menu or .

here is a updated file

1974 f100 tin forum rework (1) v1.f3d (3.1 MB)

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thanks , please let me know when your webstore is up and running.

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