Need some help with a sign that i designed, frustrated

Morning all, I am frusterated with fusion 360. I made a sign and have some questions about editing, resizing and moving objects.

couple things first. I think it would help if you could see the sign so its easier for me to tell you what i am having problems with. not sure I can do?
cattle company sign v1.f3d (136.2 KB)
see if you can see this file?
Not sure if this is the right place for this topic?

Exploding the text and unlocking it will help with Editing

I can see it

no but ill edit the category for you

What are your questions?


To resize hit the s key to bring up the search bar then hit the s key again and find scale from the list. Then select the sketch geometry that you want to resize.

To move geometry hit the m key which brings up the move menu select the geometry you want to move and relocate it.

I know this is pretty general but if you add some specifics I can get more specific.

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Thanks for the response. First how or can I move the cow/calf inside the sign so the cows butt is touching the half circle? Instead of the nose.
2. the sign is over all to large of a dimension is it possible to reduce the size of the sign while keeping the ratio of the objects the same. and how to do it?
3. I think i figured out text editing. but when you come across for example O and A’s how do you outline the centers so the plasma cutter knows to cut them out?
I have more questions but i’ll ask after I get a handle on these. I am on overload. LOL

This is definitely a more complicated sign to get your feet wet on.

Have you put any simpler designs through the entire process yet?

I should be able to answer all those questions with screenshots when I get back to the computer but I am going to be away from it for the day.

If you click my avatar it’ll bring up a link to some basic Fusion 360 tutorial videos I’ve made specifically for CNC plasma.

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thanks I got question 2 and 3 fixed I think. cant seem to move just the cow and calf inside the sign. and still wondering about how cutting the holes in the letter. yes when you get a chance. I appreciate your time immensely. thank you

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I can’t imagine designing a sign like this in fusion. Svg editor all the way.

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I bet I could design this sign and do the cam in under 30 minutes from scratch using Fusion 360 with the provided cow SVG. If I had to trace the cow from a canvas in fusion 360 maybe 40 minutes total.

I’m sure someone with inkscape and Sheet cam with their flow dialed in could do it in that amount of time too.

I do wish they had options for Fusion that would hide all the erroneous tools and menus for a beginner.

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For question 1 this is how id do it in your current case.

Delete (Trim) these line connect the feet to the bottom frame so it does not drag around the attached items.

Now hit the “m” key for move the select the geometry that makes up the cow and calf.

Note*! double clicking a line segment will select all the line segments along the same path.

use the arrow to move the geometry so it only move along the X axis.

I would have taken a slightly different approach for this design from the beginning but there is many ways to skin a cat in fusion .


Very well done. OP you should probably make some changes to the thickness of the arch to give the letters some strength. Unless you’re doing them as an additional layer.

@TinWhisperer we need to get the “Rosetta stone” project up and running. Show how to do a design across platforms. Lol


I agree.

Comparing several of the work flow with the exact same project would be awesome.

Here’s a link to that topic where we originally did that “test” font a few different ways.


Yes, great catch. Learning a little bit every day. I am finding out there is many different ways to do things. I am definitley do things in an inefficient way. thanks for the help.

You’re welcome. I may have mention it before but if you click my avatar there’s a link there to a few Fusion 360 crossfire specific videos I made.

Or search “practical Fusion videos”

TinWhispereer is a great asset to the site … I always ask him for help too much !!!

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Half my bookmarks are @TinWhisperer wisdom.

I’m a fusion guy but still

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Me neath… I just cant find any other Cad we can use to make things… And havent even tryed inkscape yet. I just know the basics of Fusion to build simple parts and edit drawings that I found on the internet…