Need new swirl ring for Razorweld 45

Anyone have a good source for a new swirl ring? I see lots of places selling tips and electrodes, but an aftermarket swirl ring I bought doesn’t work well at all.


George here on the forum sells genuine consumables as well as Tecmo Italian made consumables for a number of plasma cutters. He has Razorweld 45 swirl rings on ebay.

His website:

ebay seller name: mechanic416

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Always try to buy original, it will be less expensive in the long run. I buy all my consumables from George on the E-bay site.
#1. The swirl ring, #60041
#2. Cutting tips, #51206
#3. Electrodes, #52574
#4. Shield, #51923
#5. Retaining Cap, #60305T

You do know that you can buy direct from me and save some money and I don’t charge fees or taxes. Just email me with what you want.

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I did not know that! Thanks. I had just ordered last week on E-bay! Got the tips this last Tuesday…

Not only that, George is very generous with his sage advice… DAMIHIKT!
Let’s just say, I’ve learned a lot from George…:flushed:

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Thank you! So many torches, I didn’t know the right parts for mine.

You quit responding to my messages, but now that genesibley gave me the part numbers I’ll buy through your ebay store. Thanks.

You never sent me a list of what you wanted.