Need help with Sheetcam and Crossfire OG


First I will say I have spent a day reading and trying to learn sheetcam setup. I am confused, a recent post here said to just download the post processor from the website, I checked there and I only see one for FireControl which I am not running. I have the OG Crossfire XL table.
Is there a clear and simple video or tutorial out there for setting Sheetcam up for my XL table?
I have found a ton of helpful videos for learning to use Sheetcam, so that is not a problem, I am just confused as to how to set it up to work with my OG XL table?


Iā€™m no expert on Mach3 but I believe sheetcam already has the files you need pre-installed.

In sheetcam, click options - Machine - Post processor then select mach 3 plasma. If you have no THC on your table choose the no Z

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