Need help with settings for something odd

Cutting a design for someone into an ancient Amish sawmill sawblade I do not have a sample piece and there isn’t Room to do a test cut It’s about 14 Gauge and I assume it’s a high carbon steel I don’t know if it’s hardened, Any suggestions for settings would be great I using the razor cut 45

I don’t think your settings change between high and low carbon steel. I cut some AR500 and used the book specs for mild steel just fine.

If your customer wants it cut into the blade itself, maybe fine some negative space that will drop out and cut a small test square out of it to confirm settings before running the whole thing.

Me personally, I hear ancient Amish saw blade and my first question would be, would you like it replicated at a 1:1? Lol

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I have cut some names into crosscut saws. The ones with a handle at each end. Same settings as i use for 16 gauge . Never seen an Ancient Amish saw blade. But saposed to have one keeping his eye out for some worn out ones for me to cut on. Last time i talked to him he said he hadnt seen any. I said well with that beard blowing in your eyes how could you? . He just laughed. He is a good guy.

I just had success with a Razorcut 45 cutting 12ga circular saw blades using 70ipm and 32A. Small rime of dross on backside, but it came off clean with a flap wheel.

Better late than never!