Need help with cut path

Got a new computer because old computer crashed. Had fusion 360 setup on old one and was able to create and cut basic brackets, signs, etc. VERY basic stuff. I setup 360 on the new computer, and now I cannot for the life of me get any designs to cut properly. Using the same steps as I did before. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. I can share some of the 360 files if someone could tell me what I’m doing wrong. Basically, I sketch the part, go to manuf., create setup and cutting, but it never gets the cut lines right. Ignores everything in the inside like holes, and creates a cut way outside of the actual part. It wont let me upload a 360 file so I’ll link it in google

took a quick look and your Design is in inches, but in manufacting its MM. Also you tool shows a 1" kerf width.
I would fix those two and see if that helps


That worked! Thank you!