Need help, trying to create toolpath with sketch (Solved - separate tool paths)

Hi all, I have a powermax 45 and I am trying to use the marking consumables to mark some places where a drilled hole needs to be. I want to mark an x or a cross to show where to holes is but I can’t get fusion to follow one sketch line and then cross over the other. I’ll attach a couple pics to help convey my struggles. I swear I’ve done something similar though and with the recent fusion 360 update I can’t seem to find the selections

What if you just draw two lines to make the + and leave out the circle?

Cheers. I didn’t think it would matter but it did fix the weird lead in and out thing that shouldn’t have been there. I still have the issue of the toolpath not doing two straight lines and instead does each half individually. It starts on the outside, goes to the middle, moves 90 degrees and goes to the outside, it the starts on the centre and its a mess

I guess I don’t understand what you’re trying to do. Can you upload your F3d file?

I think i may have a method for you @Stocky

4:45 am pst

marking example v2.f3d (298.5 KB)

a separate tool path for each line is the answer


That hit the nail on the head TinWhisperer, I really appreciate you making a video for it. Hopefully this comes in handy for other community members too who want to try out the marking consumables. Thanks again mate :+1:


Great job @TinWhisperer! I marked this as Solved.

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