Need help table not working all of the sudden

using mach 3 on a gen 1 crossfire. used it for the last 2 years .i come in the other morning and its noet working.the system shows the table moving but i am getting no movement. need help with troubleshooting this desprately.thank you.(817)304-3532 f someone wants to call that would be much appreciated!

Do the stepper motors become warm, leadsscrews locked-up and motors hum slightly when the system is on (indicative of working drivers and power supply)?

Open the cover and see if the LEDS are lit on the power supply and drivers when you turn it on. there should be a green LED lit on the power supply, if its not then it either went bad or loose wire somewhere.

No, does not seem to be

post a pic of the inside of the control panel with main power turned on.

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picture did not work

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I expect your picture is too big to upload…open the picture on your computer and find the setting to resize it for email or text…then try posting it.

are you using this little icon in your forum txt window>>>>>>>image

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I cant seem to figure it out…both drivers have leds, power source has green led. breakout board (upper right panel in box )has flashing red led, rocker switch is illuminated.

correction, BOB LED is solid red

Did you contact @langmuirsystems for help?

ok so everything seems to be getting power. does your computer “ding” when you plug in the USB cable?

Also, have you tried a different usb cable and/or usb port on your computer?

Please reach out to our support team if you haven’t already!

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You might consider just re connecting all terminals on langmuir box

If you have power to table, check your usb port, i have gen. 1 table ( ordered in 2018) running mach 3, i have to put a small magnet under my usb cable to support it when plugged in to my laptop on the laptop stand. The usb port has some play in it now, but the support under the plug was eliminated the problem

got it online…reinstalled mach3. Thanks everyone!