Need help learning fusion 360 and putting my set up into system

new to this system i can not for the life of me figure out how to properly work fusion 360 ive watched all the videos a hundred times over considering selling this thing just cant get it down any possible outlets to learn this software and i cant find specs on this razor weld 30I any where to set it up in fusion 360. if anyone is local in the Sacramento area and can show me how to run this damn thing i would be greatful im on verge of snapping my laptop in half trying to learn it.

Unless you’re doing 3D parts I’d skip Fusion 360 and download a copy of Inkscape. It’s free and there are a ton of videos on YouTube on how to use it. It’s 2D drawing but that will get you most of what you’d be able to cut with the Crossfire. If you’re doing art, signs and even objects that you’ll fold or weld, Inkscape is fine.

Then get a copy of Sheetcam ($150) to do your toolpaths. All it does is create G-Code from your files. It can use the SVG files that Inkscape creates natively. You will save more than $150 in headaches (or aspirin).

Then there are lots of folks here who can help you with any specific issue you have.

If you do need 3D modeling, then maybe try Freecad or Tinkercad for the design work and Sheetcam for the toolpathing.


I have trouble with drawing on Fusion too! I am glad that I have BOBCAD, the Cad side only! Didn’t think that I would ever need the Cam side. And BobCad isn’t free; I bought it a long time ago. So I do most of my drawing in BobCad and then import by DXF into Fusion to generate my G-Code. I have read a lot about Inkscape and Sheetcam on the forum.

I completely agree with jamesdhatch…
I have alot of CAD experiance and I hated Fusion…I found Inkscape so quick and easy…
there are so many Plasma guys using inkspae and have you tube postings…not to mention all the other tutorials…

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thank you so much im getting hope back ive been working in metal fabrication my whole life and did alot of cad work in highschool but fusion really over complicates things

Fusion is one of them things you only need a small fraction of. Once you learn what you use and ignore the rest its rather easy. I would say maybe %2 of Fusion is needed for (most) Crossfire jobs.


I agree that fusion is way too much of a program for plasma table work but it does have its place and it is better then a lot of other programs I’ve used in the past.
With the stuff I do in my fab shop which involves anything from go carts,offroad fab,farm equipment, oil and gas insdustry its great for building parts and brackets. Very easy to type in dimensions,angles,circle patterns for flanges really anything basically.
Thats the area that it excels in in my opinion but I also have been using it since it was released and it was probably about a month learning curve to get the hang of it cause it was a bit overwhelming initially.
Its not the best for the sign or artsy type stuff it works but its not its strong point inkscape in my opinion is a better option for that kind of stuff.

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