Need help again!

I cant seem to let things go and just make something simple.
none the less… im having difficulty 3d modeling my idea or design or whatnot.
is there an easier way than what im doing?
gee im so terrible at explaining what im trying to do.
4 peices of steel to make a 4x4 box going to center part.
when selecting the edge , to sketch a profile to extrude my body isnt square…

hitch 2 v1.f3d (286.1 KB)

perhaps because the highlighted profile is at an angle?

I took a run at this on the live stream. I think I figured out your design intent.

Starts at about 22 minutes in

hitch 2 v1 tin maybe.f3d (528.0 KB)


I learn a ton from your questions! Please keep asking!!

Gooseneck hitch plate for the truck?

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Yes for another build lol

Thanks a ton man! I didn’t even think of using the flange tool lol!

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Stream looks good! Would we see a larger screen if you lose the mouse and avatar on the right?

I could increase the screen size a little.

I think one of the other issues I’m having is that my main monitor is 1920x1200 which is a 16x10 aspect ratio and twitch and most other devices is native output ratio is 16x9 so because of that alone I lose a little bit right off the bat.

I could shrink the Avatar a little bit but I spent a bunch of time rewriting the code and animating that. lol. I made all the blinking and open mouth animations in Fusion 360 believe it or not.


I have the keyboard and mouse there for people to be able to see what key clicks and strokes I’m doing. Sometimes there’s a lot of hot keys or press and holds that I don’t even think about anymore that someone might be able to pick up on


Or just remove it :rofl:

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Ya get that, it just happens way to fast for me. I cant watch the cursor and the mouse and the talking avatar with only two eyes!

No it looks great man!

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My only complaint through the whole process is it would only allow me to make one flat pattern per component. So I got creative and tried to export the dxf to find that they no longer allow that. So I got even more creative and projected the pattern to a sketch to save the sketch as a dxf… :joy:

That is the best way to get a dxf from Fusion 360.

Depending how you organized your model you could have four separate components per drawing.
You could pretty well make all of them from one flat pattern. they could be mirrored and reversed.

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Yeah, i was thinking that’s what I should have done, Im still not familiar with the difference in bodies vs component. To the best of my understanding a component is just a group of bodies. But couldn’t figure out how to make my group of bodies into two seperate components.

Thanks. I have a few different face styles I can switch between but they’re not quite as refined as the one you’ve seen already.
The Angry TinWhisperer face is quite the thing… It’ll come up in a future video I’m sure.

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Yes Also,
A component can also be a group of components…

Visualize a component as a box that you are putting different sketches ,bodies ,construction ,planes origins ,etc into that box.

Okay, so for example if I designed a truck. The engine would be a component, made up of several different components, with bodies inside those. Ie: heads, valves, valve springs etc.


And the truck would be the component that housed the engine component and transmission component and rear end component, etc.

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Hey, curious how the truck is coming along? Any pics of your progress and/or finished product.