.NC to .TAP . Help

I am having trouble with posting , I followed the tutorial to cut my first part , when I arrived at the step to create post process. I cannot change the file extension from .nc to .tap . What did I do wrong here ? … I followed the tutorial instructions …

Welcome to the neighbor hood!

Maybe you could start by telling us what tool you’re using…

You don’t have to change the file extension at all. Both of those file extensions are valid for FireControl (as is .gcode and .txt)

When I go to run my first program I receive a Bug Unknown motion code, block=g38.2 z-5.F100. .

What does this mean ?

Sorry I am using the Crossfire 2x2

Did you ever get this resolved? I’m having the same exact issues with the nc to tap and I get the exact same error message? Need your help, thanks!