Navigating Firecontrol

I’m working through getting my XR setup to do a test run and when I get an alarm for a limit switch or having the torch positioned wrong in the holder that stops the homing. I’m currently having to restart the system to pull the machine off the limit switches to try again.

Is there a way to manually move the 3 axis in fire control to move them away from the limit switches without restarting the computer every time an alarm pops up?

Welcome to the neighborhood. I’ve moved your post to the XR category where it will get the right set of eyes looking at it.

Copying @langmuir-cameron from XR support.

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Have you checked your limit switches are in the right place? I had my X and Y2in the wrong position. I would manually set on the X switch and the bottom of firecontrol would show th Y2 limit being activated. Had to swap them then everything started working

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