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Steel Distributor search.
Anyone have a recommendation for a steel distributor that you are happy with.
I purchase 14 guage P&O 48x96 48x120 sheets on a regular basis. 10-20 at a time. The price is fine but the office staff seems to have their minds on something else lately.
Need a recommendation on a new supplier.

I’m in Nashville and mainly use KGS since it just a few miles away. They aren’t perfect but always make it right and nice enough guys there. I used Loftis in years past but after they moved away from Charlotte Ave I feel as if small guys aren’t their focus. It’s a challenge to use them unless laser cutting is needed. They are bigger, much larger facility by a huge magnitude, maybe growing pains too. There are some “big guns” in town but they don’t talk to you unless $500-1000 minimum orders such as Siskin Steel in the area. Ryerson is in Birmingham, AL and Central Steel in Franklin, KY.

You can private message me if needed to talk about what places haven’t worked well for you.

Thanks for the reply. I checked with KGS and they don’t sell P&O. My smallest order is usually $1500. I called sisken nooga town and they sent me to their retail store. What a waste of time they were. That place really caters to walkup small orders.
Thanks again I’ll keep looking.

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