Naming toolpaths in F360

Might be missing something simple here but, I was wondering if it’s possible to name toolpaths in F360. I’ve got a part I’d like to cut which has many pierces. So I end up making several trips around the sheet as I go and I’d like to name the paths so I can keep track of which I’ve selected already while working my way around. Any ideas? TIA

Yes. Click on the toolpath default name and an entry box surrounds it with a blinking cursor that indicates you can type in it and rename it.

It will show up in your TAP file as a comment just before the G-Code that cuts the path.

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Yup… Simple enough… I just have to slow down a little…LOL

Apparently you can’t do this while editing a path… Not a problem at all… That happened to be the condition when I was trying…

Thank you James…