Mystery line in contour

When I select the contour to set up the cutting profile I got this extra straight line. It doesn’t appear to affect anything; although I have not yet made the cut.
The image came from an *.svg file from Inkscape.
Any ideas on what caused this?

Perhaps ‘it’ picked up reference to the edge of a plane while converting to an SVG. It appears equal distance between the rings considering a 3D object and it was used as a mirror line. Just a guess.

I’ve had unwanted straight lines and arc extensions appear occasionally. Like your experience, they didn’t seem to affect anything, but I copied the features I wanted into a new sketch and they disappeared. I was paranoid they might affect the cut somehow and waste some metal.

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Check for unconnected overlapping nodes - you may need to zoom in really tight. I’ve seen that happen before and the spurious line is created to connect them by the importing app.

Did you buy the file or design it yourself? Two rings right? It’s a cool design, but definitely needs some smoothing. Looks like a bunch of extra nodes were used to try and create the curves. I used to avoid using the bezier handles but now I find them really useful for setting curves without having to add nodes that I then need to blend. You could probably do those big curves with only 3 nodes.

Less nodes = less chance for the problem that @jamesdhatch is probably identifying.

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I grabbed a photo off the web and then did some cleaning up in Photoshop Elements. Unfortunately the original photo was low resolution. I then traced to a bitmap with Inkscape. I’ve had decent luck doing that in the past, but I know now to start with a much higher resolution photo if I do that again. I haven’t had problems with things I’ve drawn myself.