My version of the portaband to vertical mod

I removed the handle and used the bolt holes to attach a channel for the wires in the back and the lower bolts for a blade adjustment point to square to the table top.All flat plates drawn in fusion and cut on my crossfire pro.


that is some really nice work…great photos…
now to redesign and make it a chop saw type…

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Nice job! I just made one for mine this week. I got the file from Fireshare and put my own spin on it. The funny thing is that I have wanted to make one since I got the Crossfire and finally had the right size metal to make it 10 months later.


That looks good.Yeah these harbor freight saws are so affordable.Ive had it on my list of things to make for awhile.

Awesome job! Very handy tool, I use mine a ton.


Nice.I really like that style.

I clamp it to a table that accompanies my fixture table. I like the fact yours is fixed. You could also have a receiver on a bench as well if you need to have it off the fixture table.


Yeah i have about 4 ft of the reese hitch square tubing left so i got plenty of options.I used it to mount my vice as well.


I’m preparing to set up several tools with the receiver hitch stand so I can move them around the shop as projects dictate. On the receiver tube mounted to the welding table, it looks you have 2 (two) hex head bolts to secure the stand (prevent wobble). My questions is, is one on each side, or is two enough?

Great ideas. I need to stop procrastinating and order my table.