My torch is randomly delay firing

Howdy folks I have a crossfire without the Z axis and a Prime Weld 60 machine. All my programs are created in Fusion 360 and pierce time is set at 1 second / running 100 ipm / plasma machine is set at 31 amps with 59 psi. Grounding directly to my work piece.
I’ve been cutting 14gauge metal art a little over one year and have started having delayed firing issues a couple months ago.
The issues I’m having are happening on all my programs most of them I’ve been cutting since I started. So the torch will fire on time for 2 or 3 cuts then it will delay sometimes for like .03 sec. and sometime more. If I stop the program select the current loop, regenerate and restart it will make 2 or 3 cuts then do the same thing.
I’ve tried new cosumable with no success I called PrimeWeld and they told me it sounded like the torch arc system might be dirty and not moving freely so I purchased a new torch and I’m still having the same issue.
Has anyone seen this? I’ve thought about buying a new plazma machine but would hate to find out it was something in the crossfire controller.
Any help would be apprieciate.

It’s not likely to be anything in the Langmuir controller.

A more likely reason would be a problem with the air solenoid. Air blowing the electrode back is what initiates the arc. If the air solenoid is sluggish or sticking, it will result in a delayed or failure to fire.

The description of your issue seems to indicate that you are experiencing an air pressure drop after 2 to 3 cuts. Try raising your air pressure and see if that helps.

As an unrelated matter, 1 second is a very long delay for cutting 14ga material.


i agree with DS, 1 sec PD is too long. I cut 14g with .8 secs, 110ipm, 32 amps and around 55-60 psi on a Cut60. Never had it do what you’re describing.

what’s you input pressure into the cutter from the compressor?

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Input pressure 90 psi. I did what DS suggested and increased my air pressure to 70 and it did the same thing.
I have been using 1 second since i started but will try the .8 setting. But i donot think that will help with the issue I’m having right now.

raise input to 110psi. max is 120.

on the front, when you press and hold on the “set air” switch, how much does the psi drop on the dial? should be only around 5 psi. if it’s dropping drastically, then your air is being restricted somewhere.

I have the regulator on the cut60 set at 70psi when I the “set air” button it drops 10psi.
Do you know if there is something in the machine that could be restricting the flow?

Cutting air pressure should be set with the air flowing.

The only restriction inside the machine is the air solenoid. The restriction is likely to be before the machine, in the form of water separators and quick disconnect fittings.

A 10psi drop is not ideal, but my system works fine with a similar pressure drop. I set my air pressure at 65psi with the air flowing and it goes up to about 75 when static.

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it still dropped 10psi when you set the input pressure into the cutter to 110psi?

the cut60 is know to drop about 5psi once you start cutting, so if you want your cuttings pressure to be say 55psi, you set the dial to around 60. when you press the “set air” switch, the psi should drop to 55 psi.

in your particular case, seems like it’s dropping 10psi so set the dial 10psi higher than what you’re expecting to cut with. i’m thinking having the input pressure from the compressor set at 90psi might be causing it to drop that extra 5psi.

can you post a picture of your air system to help eliminate some possible issues…
next…pop open the case of the electronics enclosure…there is a small little black relay box on a small circuit board on the main board…that is the on/off relay…pull it out and put it back to re-seat it…also check the plug for torch on/off///they can get loose on the back of the control box…

rule that out first…

I’d like to side with what @ds690 said about the solenoid getting stuck or something.

As for the 10psi drop, I was told specifically from Gene that it’s ok as I too have a 10psi drop from the gauge and when I ‘set’ my air pressure.

I used to have a 5psi drop and it was like that for about a year, but now almost 2 years into ownership it now drops by 10psi.

No change in my cuts though.

@PatHebert26 can you post a video?

You have a air restriction some were. I would start by removing the little filter in the air inlet inside the plasma cutter (that would mean taking the cover off the plasma cutter). If that didn’t make thing better with less air drop then I would work back from the plasma cutter till I found the trouble.


I have a speedaire dryer between my compressor and plasma machine but to rule that out I routed a 3/8" airline directly to the machine and had the same issue.
After running a few cuts what I noticed is when it delay fires it seems to be a control issue because I am not hearing air until it fires. When I use the manual trigger on the torch it does not delay fire.
Toolboy I have unpluged and checked the connections on both ends. Opened my control panel pulled and reset the relay. I plan on running it in the morning to see if any of this helped.
I appreciate everyones input.

keep an ear out on the that relay. you should hear it click every time it fires. if you notice the delay and the relay doesn’t click then it’s most likely the relay.

Alright after chasing down all the common culprits with no success I started firing the torch with FireControl and traced the delay issue to the “Air Post Flow” knob. I start adjusting the the flow and notice when it is turned to zero i can rapid fire the torch and anything above zero it would delay fire. The first piece I cut had one delay so I turned the knob several time and back to zero cut about 30 piece with no issues.
I plan on contacting PrimeWeld to see if there is a perminent fix.

be careful about not using postflow air…this is used to cool the torch after use…a safe time is 30 seconds of post flow air…without it you could melt the torch head…


If the Primeweld is still under warranty contact them and send it back for repairs.