My machine starts cuts beautifully then this happens [SOLVED]

I have a crossfire pro and I’m trying to cut 10ga steel and it cuts almost perfectly but on the last bit of the cut, it welds the metal back together. I’d think it’s too slow but it cuts most of the cut right. I’m cutting with a Everest 82i at 110ipm and 67 psi. Refer image below

how big is the compressor? looks like you could be losing pressure at the end if you’re cutting the whole design all at once.

The compressor is an industrial compressor. The compressor didn’t even turn on until the cut was done. I tried increasing the amperage by 5 and It looks how I think it should. Thanks for the help

Is your work clamp firmly attached to the material.

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Yes, I think the biggest problem is that the amperage was too low. It looks good now! Thanks!

That looks like a pretty clean cut.

Dear hunter… welcome to the forum.

One word of advice, when you ask for help and then solve it. It would be really useful to others and those who tried to help you if you can provide details on how the problem was fixed. Like, “whoops, I was trying to use 5 amps, but it turns out 50 amps works much better.”

Also, marking the topic as [SOLVED] is very important as well.

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[Solution summary] Again, it is an everlast 82i. I was cutting 10 ga steel at 110 ipm and 65psi. After some thinking -and the help from people in this forum, I tried increasing my amperage from 40 to 45. This fixed my problem as I didnt have the bad welding in the bottom right and the cut looked proper throughout. I also used to have a chamfer that was pretty significant that was annoying that went away. I also noticed my edges to appear much smoother than before.

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The difference between 40 amps and 45 amps fixed the issues you were having?

And that was the only change you made?

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yes. It was strange. I figured it was going to need to be a bigger issue.

I have a different plasma (primeweld cut60) cutter but the same table, I have noticed this behavior as the tip wears. Adding current can compensate up to a point, but tip failure isn’t far behind. Do you know how much time your current tip has on it? I cut a lot of 10ga HR steel and I only get about 45min of cut time per tip set.

The tip was brand new as i just upgraded to the everlast 82i. I just increased the amperage and it runs beautifully

Good info. supplied.

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Pretty new owner of the CrossFire, and new to plasma cutting in general, but I ran into something kind of similar just yesterday: torch was not cutting on part of the path. For me, it turned out to be that my system was out of tram, and as the torch moved “uphill”, the arc got far enough away that it stopped cutting.

Note that I have the THC module - it did not compensate for the issue. I don’t totally understand why yet (just ran into this yesterday at the end of my shop time).

I wonder if your Z axis ran out of room to adjust. In other words did it bottom out up or down?

Maybe it ran out of downward travel. Make sure your torch mount is low enough, so that it still has available downward travel after the torch touches the metal.

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Ah good call. I was wondering if maybe it wouldn’t move below where it probes z zero at start, but given the nature of THC that didn’t make much sense as a theory.

Of course the real fix is to level the arm. It is WAY out. But I’ll see if your explanation matches the machine next time I’m working on it. Will try to remember to post what I find.


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Yep, that was totally it. It just happened to be set low enough that it could probe to z zero at the start of the cut, but out of true enough that it was too high to cut on later parts.

Thanks! Don’t think I would have figured that out quickly, and it’s nice when there’s a super easy fix.