My home brew compressor aftercooler

I’ve had most the parts to do this kicking around for a while and finally found the time to make this figured id show yall what I came up with. still waiting on 2 fittings and the fan to arrive before I can test it out but i think it will help drop the temps in the monster compressor.
ill post up the mounts to fire share, there cut from 1/8 sheet.


That’s what I did almost the same thing it helped a lotsI also made a 6 section drain line with drains on the bottom that works great I’ll send pictures . We’re I live I get a lot of moisture working out of a 10 x 12 shed for the air compressor I can get as much as a gallon of water an hour don’t matter what kind of compressor . If you can’t solve your water issue in your tank trytry the system with the lines that works good