My first two projects

I assembled my pro last night. These are my first 2 projects after getting a feel for the machine


Ah yes, the first one captures Christmas sentiment so excellently! Well done. The second one? Meh, I don’t know. Perhaps if the tree was jumping for ‘Joy’ then it might be ok.

Having said all that, good job on your first cuts! Well done.

Thanks, I worked in theater for 25 years. Every year we would produce a new version of “A Christmas Carol” after 25 different versions bah humbug has become an integral part of the Christmas season.

Haha! Nice work! :rofl:

@Korrall - I like the detail of your two pieces.
Please let us know what you used for the finish and the process.

Both pieces were laid out in AutoCAD 2018 and I used sheetcam to generate g-code.
They are 10g cold rolled cut with a Razorcut 45 at 124 IPM @45A with a 1.4 second pierce delay. The pieces are unfinished scrap that was in my yard for six or seven years