My first cut - My set up - Here we go! WITH PICTURES!

I have never worked with or seen a cnc plasma in person.

My first project.
Started with this from the internet

Processed in fusion. Ended up with this

Cut from 5/8” mild steel plate

   XR with 
      - Powermax 85

      -Air system 
           - 7.5hp 80 gallon IR compressor
           - Desiccant tank
           - Norgren 3 stage water separator 
           - HF refrigerated air dryer 
           - Water separator/regulator at the table
           - Separator at the plasma cutter
           - 2 Pneumatic toggle switches for table fill and drain 
           - 2 quick connect air fittings 

      - Water system 1 1/2" PCV
           - 4 drains
           - Sediment filter with scotch bright pads in  the drain
           - 75 gallon RV water tank 
           - Shut off on the drain and check valve on the fill

      - Monitor mount from Amazon 

      - All electrical and air is plumbed to the table then distributed underneath. White cord is left long so I can add a disconnect to the table in the near future. 

      - The first cut and some miscellaneous photos
           - I need to install some heavier wire and bigger breaker for the cutter. It tripped the breaker a few times cutting the 5/8" plate. Smaller one is 1/8". Need to fine tune it. But for my first cut I am happy with the results


Looks really nice. Did you put your refrigerated Air Dryer under the plasma table?

I did put it under the table. Positioned so I can still see the power and fault light and also still access the power toggle

Do you not use air for anything else?

I do use air through out my shop. I added a drop to my air system dedicated to the table with the air dryer. With 2 auxiliary quick connections. In case I want to spray paint or something.

Was wondering why you don’t have all shop air run through dryer? Dry air is better for everything.

I only have a 20x20 shop. I placed it under the table because of space constrains. Between the desiccant tank the 3 stage norgren separator I don’t have water come through my other air lines. I think of the refrigerated air dryer as cheap insurance/just in case, to protect the $6,000 investment in the plasma cutter. I also have a Skat Blast 960-DLX blast cabinet (that I put in way before I even thought of getting a table) that has a dual stage norgren separator at the cabinet.

Don’t you work in that shop? I don’t see any dirt anywhere :rofl:


Haha. Having that small of a shop it gets pretty dirty pretty quick. And it gives me anxiety when it looks like a bomb went off. I gave it a good cleaning right before I put the table together. As of right now this is just a side hustle for me until I can get established. I have a lot of tools in a very small space.


Well good luck I hope it works out for you!

@NKMCZIPPOKFFK what is the story behind all the ingots on the shelf?

Also the burned out pot to the far right? i am curious.

I got bored a while ago so I decided to build a waste oil burning smelter from some scrap metal I had. I get some random scrap metal that I melt down. Just something fun to do. As far as the burnt “crucible”. That was a night I decided one more melt was fine……turns out it wasn’t fine. It got a little to hot. I made that from a 1/2” center section from a tie rod hydraulic cylinder.


Very cool, I have I a lot of refrigeration and plumbing copper I want to make some bars one day.

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@TinWhisperer you should. It’s a lot of fun. I made all my own tooling also. I did buy a clay graphite crucible though. Devil forge makes a nice propane burning smelter. It’s a little pricey, but it’s nice

I guess your wife will eating alone for quite some time. Congratulations on the build, your mods and your first cut job. How exciting!


Beautiful set up, well done. I see you used the silicone the water bed. Online this seemed to be a real problem. I sent my tray sections out to be tig welded. They also welded a SS nipples to the bottom for the drains. I have no top lip to limit water drainage. This was not expensive to have done. Like you I had never operated any CNC equipment before. I bought mine just to teach my grandchildren and anybody else that wanted to learn. So I also put weld curtains around the machine. Good luck with future projects. Love my machine.

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@Mapleton Thank you! I put a lot of time into the assembly. I had to think about the future while I was building as we are planning a move to TN in 2 years. So everything is modular. I can remove it in sections for transport. I didn’t have any problems with the silicone sealing the table. Put it together as per the instructions and let it cure for a couple days then trimmed the top was a razor. That’s a good idea with the welding curtains. I think I might string up some cable and put some grommets in a welding curtain

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