Multiple setups?

Can I make multiple setups and cut them all at once on a project? I’m wanting to do some areas of the project as a single line with no lead-in or lead-outs and the rest with the normal settings. How do you do this? Or is it not multiple setups that I need to do?
Thanks in advance

Yes. You can create multiple setups and toolpaths. The only parameter you can’t change is the pierce delay as that will be the same for all setups & toolpaths you generate the code for.

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Thanks for the reply! So they’ll run as one process on the table then? Don’t have to load 2 separate g code batches?

An easier way to do it is to make 1 setup with multiple cut paths in it.

Make sure you have the setup itself selected when you generate G code or it will only do the cut line you have selected.

This is especially useful for cutting small circles like mounting holes because you want to run them at a slower speed than the main cut for accurate holes.


I’ve been experimenting with this stuff but I cannot get fusion to eliminate the lead-out. It’s only doing it on one end in the simulation. (It’s either the lead out or lead in can’t remember right now)

It’s probably the pierce clearance that’s causing the issue. If lead in and lead out are both set to zero and your are still getting a slight lead in or lead out it is your pierce clearance. Setting pierce clearance to 0 will eliminate this problem.

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Here is an example of multiple tool paths in multiple setups. I find it easier to create most tool paths from an extruded part, however the single line details have to be from a sketch.

This shows two setups, one from sketch and one from extrude. I made 4 2d profiles in order to vary the settings for each cut. The detail lines have no lead in/out, and 0.0 pierce and kerf width so it will cut on the line. The small holes have very small lead in and slower cut speed. The other interior cuts have slightly larger lead in, faster speed, and the perimeter has the largest lead in and quickest cut speed.

Just select all the 2d profiles at once then Post. I am still learning, but I hope this helps.