Moving The Crossfire XR

Does anyone have recommendations on moving the table with a fork lift? I know assembly was an option from the factory so i’m assuming there are safe areas to lift with forks, I want to avoid the possibility of tweaking anything if possible. I am not opposed to adding fork pockets or strengthening a section of the frame if necessary. Can anyone speak to the rigidity of the table when lifted? Did things need to be resquared?

Welcome to the forum. Fully assembled table are loaded with a forklift with extensions on the forks. As for re-leveling I’m sure you would want to recheck and adjust but the frame is stout so as long as it’s not dropped I don’t think you could bend anything.
This is someone’s table being loaded in Conroe (not mine). Note where they’re picking it up from.


Super helpful, thank you for the photo!

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You can also lift from the narrow end if necessary. That is how we load enclosed trailers.


Dropping in to say I’m fixing to move mine to another location with a fork lift and this eased my concerns about moving it. Thanks.

We installed casters and welded the frame after squaring then use a roll-back to move were our thoughts…

I finished moving the table and all went well. I wish I had done this before but I wasn’t able to get the time to do it but I am going to add some 2x4 supports along the bottom for a bottom shelf. This should also aid in stiffening the table up as the table did flex when picking it up. Not much of a worry but too much and I was worried it would bend the rails the gantry traverses on. All seemed fine though even without the addition of lower shelving supports.