Moving Pro table

Anyone have to move pro table - use for hobby but getting ready to move to storage before building new shop- any easy way to partially take a part without complete disassembly? Wondering how others may have done it ?

Never had to move mine and probably never will have to. If I were you I’d not take nothing apart because it will lead into problems later like being out of square, leaking water table, etc. What I would do is if you have a utility trailer if not borrow or rent one get some help and load it into a trailer then strap it down. You can remove the slats to make it little lighter to move. Hope this helps.

Separate the rails from the frame by removing stanchion bolts and you can easily move with two people. Just set the rails back on frame and slide bolts back in for storage.

Two people can pick it up and move no problem I wouldn’t bother with taking it apart. Just stack stuff under and on top of it.