Mounting Arc flat to existing table

I have an existing welding table and want to mount two Arc flat tops to it. The top frame is made of a 1/4 x 2 x 2 steel angle and is 56 x 26 overall.
How tall is the arc flat top?
How would you mount it?

right off the website at the bottom of the page…

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why not just buy the proper legs and precision leveling bolt kit? yourself some headaches…

My frame is set up with storage drawers and brackets for clamps, grinders, and such, plus receiver tubes for vices and benders. It would be much more of a headache to rebuild that into the Langmuir frame.

then at least get the bolt kit to put them together and then just shim it to fi the table frame you have.
are there any other measurements you need?

Yes sir
Could give me the distance off the edge of the first mounting hole, and the distance between the innermost mounting holes in the 36-inch length?
My frame is 26 inches outside and made of two-inch by 1/4 angle which gives me 22 inside of the rectangle frame, I am trying to figure out if at least one of the leg mounting holes would be over my frame at each corner.
Thanks for your help

wish I could help…I do not have the tables yet… @brownfox …my Friend Jon might be able to get those measurements…

I’ll take pics of my setup. I have it resting on a 1x1 frame with custom brackets underneath to keep it from sliding.

I mounted my two blocks by making short legs to set height. Use the dimensions on the web page for nut spacing. The drawing is correct, it will tell you what you need to do what you want.

hey welcome to the forum…thanks for the information