Motors not moving when plasma ignites

I’m having trouble with my X and Y not moving when the plasma ignites . With the plasma off it works perfectly fine . What can be causing this ?

Is it not moving for a second or so then moving?

Hi, what plasma are you using?

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I am running it with a Eastwood plasma

Ufortunately the Eastwood plasma cutter is a high frequency start unit and is not compatible with the CrossFire. We recommend selecting a plasma cutter from the approved list on our website.

Not moving at all when the plasma is ignited . I ran the program without the plasma on the bracket and it was moving fine . Then I ignited by hand on the plate and the program stops

The interference from the Eastwood plasma cutter is interrupting the communication between the PC and the CrossFire.

can you send me the list of the plasmas that are compatible for the plasma table ?

They have a whole page on the website that shows the approved plasma units.

I don’t own one but the everlast units are reasonably priced and highly approved by members here (not langmuir staff but end users). Or you can go with one of the Razorweld units that Lanmuir systems sells. Either way look at the website and take a look in the forums here, you can find users first hand tales of triumph and disgust with many units.

Thank you very much !!