Motoguard Filter housing leaks

Anyone experience air leaking from the Motoguard filter housing.
Since I bought this filter housing When I put the 2 pieces back together, no matter what I do, it leaks like a sieve.

Have not had that issue with mine going on 5 years or so.

Make sure of a few things, that the filter is seated properly not preventing the two halves from fully closing, that you are cranking down the locking screw which does require firm tightening, there is no debris trapped in the o-ring, use teflon tape on the air hose fittings.

Try using a silicone lubricant or plumbers grease common for o-rings. A few dollars at any hardware store.

Mine did the same thing I contacted them and they sent another and requested the old one back. Just got the replacement about two weeks ago. They said they thought the powder coating may have been what was causing it…

Mine was leaking and I contacted them. They sent new seal and lower assembly. Mine had these small structures in the seal channel that cut into the seal. Looks like poor cast or failure to cleanup before powder coat:

slightly off topic.

I haven’t tried it yet but I know some people use standard 2 ply toilet paper as a filter element.
And I even found some motor guard literature that affirms this.

As far as your leak goes very thorough visual inspection of the mating surfaces is a good start.

I saw somewhere that these things were originally made for use in cars as a secondary oil filter. I’ve got a refrigerated dryer and my Motorguard filter is always dry but the leak was annoying as heck.

Thanks, will try that. Cheers

I would love to see everyone use toilet paper in their Motor Guard filters.

Cleaning out a complete air system on a plasma cutter will cost about $300. The torch heads that can not be taken apart and cleaned will have to add the cost of a new torch head.

Send them to I will take care of them.


I think they are starting to get their housings from China there is no real quality control.

Never had any trouble with my Motor Guard in like 10 years.