More Workshop Space

Just got permission from the CFO to pave and construct an extension to my workshop, this will give me effectively an additional 353 sq ft. This will be used for my welding and fabrication. I’m also thinking a 1/2 Ton Gantry hoist or such. This will be an open shed.
Present Facility:
Electronics Lab 155 sq ft
Machine Shop 560 sq ft
But, I feel that permission will boomerang and come back to bite my A$$… “no such thing as a free lunch” … But construction begins next week! :nerd_face::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Sorry, just a crappy sketch for now!


Sweet…i think we all need more space at times. I have 50x50 and as we grow that is not going to be enough. :smile:

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hey in you climate even if you end up in the dog house your not such bad shape…

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I’ve been in said “dog house” many times, no problem! :rofl: