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I’ve uploaded two files.

One says PP&G fabrication. the insides of the 'A’s are getting rejected by fusion 360 I assume because they are two small, what’s the work around for this?

The other is an address. I modified the 6 in 3600 to close a part left open that would have been too tight, but now the loop won’t select. I’ve look at it as close as I can and I can’t see where there are ends that don’t meet, what’s the trick for finding out where the problem is??

ppg fabrication for side of smoker v7.f3d (400.0 KB)
3600 Thorpe Road v5.f3d (241.9 KB)

help1 v1.dxf (3.6 MB)

help2 v1.dxf (2.4 MB)

See if these help you out. i just went and copied and pasted into new design for you. Once something is extruded or you start adding changes it can get tricky so better to copy and paste.

i only purchased 1 add on app since i started 6 months ago and best purchase and us it all the time.

Does that automatically fill gaps and will it remove overlapping segments (ie, if two segments end close to each other, like they are ‘supposed’ to be connected, but actually cross each other so the ends need to be snipped off and then the intersection joined).

fill gap app

look up on youtube because its one of the handiest apps ever. finding tiny breaks is sometimes impossible. did my dxf i sent back work for you?

I had no idea there were apps? Thanks so much. I’ll give it a try.

As far as finding trouble areas in F360 sketches, check out this video by Tyler Beck.

I really like his teaching style, he is good at explaining without burying you in tons of detail.


Thanks for the help.

However … the PPG fabrication file still won’t do the small cutouts in the A - even with the solid.

Its hard to know exactly what is going one without a picture but I can guess one of two things…

If your talking getting error on the generator -

  1. your lead-ins are too big? I have mine set at 0.05 but I caution you because when you get too small things don’t always cutout good.

  2. If your extruding letters looks like “solid” letter like below when you extrude you must click on the centers of all cutout

example of not clicking on areas you want to cutout during extruding…

Examples of clicking on letter centers during extruding…

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I’ll take a look at your issue on the live stream 5 am mst

reducing the lead in allowed fusion 360 to generate a toolpath. (see attachment )

The problem was it couldn’t fit all your lead in geometry into the space of the a opening.

ppg fabrication for side of smoker v7 tin mod.f3d (391.3 KB)

as far as the 3600 go it was a overlapping line causing the issues. I made some adjustments see attached

3600 Thorpe Road v5 tin mod.f3d (241.2 KB)

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Thanks so much for the help. I will attempt each in turn.

So, I reduced the distances, but the insides of the A’s will still no generate G-code due to linking constraints. They are 6mm wide at the bottom, which seems like enough with .05 distance for pierce. When I hover over the inside of the A’s to try to get them to chain in manually, the whole triangle won’t select, like there’s a problem with the model. But it extruded fine.

Am I missing something?

So, .05 didn’t work. but .03 did. thank you.

please show pics when you cut it.

I don’t think you missed anything. This was perfect what you did. I am not sure what was going on with those letters. Normally I can put in a value of 0.0 for pierce clearance and lead-in distance but Fusion would not try to compute it. When I put in 0.01 in both spots, it made a pathway.

Here is where it got strange: I went back and edited the tool pathway and deleted the 0.01 in both locations and entered 0.0. It generated a pathway without any problems. Sometimes it is a little trial and error.

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That is why I like sheetcam, it tells you, adjusts itself and goes on its merry way much of the time… You can choose to fix it or not but it won’t kill everything.

I know your comment was not directed at me but just because I couldn’t figure out what was going on, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. I am still learning.

I will say that I think that some of the new changes with Fusion “Manufacturing” space are likely to be “improvements”; but, this contest between Fusion and SheetCAM is going to continue like FORD and DODGE. Actually, I do have a RAM 2021 and it is exquisite.

But, I do understand your passion for SheetCAM. SheetCAM has many positives.

I had the same problems with post on Fusion, not a dig at all. I could not figure it out, so if you can good on you, :wink: I gave up. I love it for drawing however.

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Totally understand. If I had paid for SheetCAM, I think I would have bailed on Fusion CAM space by now but I am “learning” my way out of problems and feel more comfortable with Fusion every day.