More LS/corvette stuff

just for the sake of showing the few things this awesome table is allowing me to make…kinda boring, but I needed LS coil brackets made, to position the coils in a specific position because one side of the motor has a 78mm turbo, and we don’t wanna fry coils or wires, that would be no bueno!
I haven’t cut those yet, but I will use 1/8 steel

This is the pass side that really needed a custom bracket, the driver side, not so much, but I made a mirror image anyway to give me a bit more room with the brake booster being close by


It looks like you may already have some LS models but I have a complete LS2 solidworks model that I would be willing to send to you if you have any use for it. I can export it in iges format so it can be opened in other 3d programs.

Thanks for the offer! I already have an complete LS3 that was shared on Grabcad website (this is where the valve covers came from) :metal:

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I too have the LS3 from Grabcad, but I’ve not been able to find a GM “short and wide” motor mount ('60’s to 80’s V8) cad model to attach to my LS adapter plate. Does anyone here have such a thing or know where to find it?