More Keyboard Shortcuts

Just picked up a mini wireless keyboard to use as a pendant on my CrossFire Pro, and I’m wondering if it would be possible to assign shortcuts on our own to specific buttons in the FireControl interface? I know there are already some defaults built in (see list below), but I would like to add more such as the option to zero x, y axis, and toggle between all of the different jog options instead of just continuous and 1/16". (Essentially, it would be nice to have the option to custom map any/all on screen “buttons” or toggle their shortcuts on/off as well). Is this possible? Thanks!

  • Jog X+: Right Arrow Key
  • Jog X-: Left Arrow Key
  • Jog Y+: Up Arrow Key
  • Jog Y-: Down Arrow Key
  • Jog Z+: Page Up Key
  • Jog Z-: Page Down Key
  • Toggle Nudge Jog: Tab Key
  • Start Program: ALT + R
  • Pause Program: Space Bar
  • Stop Program: ALT + S
  • Zoom in Visualizer: Mouse Scroll Up
  • Zoom out Visualizer: Mouse Scroll Down

X2 I use a wireless keyboard also and this would be really nice. Also want to say I love the Pro table and the new FireControl.


@langmuir-mike Just wanted to put this on your radar. Not a huge priority I’m sure, but definitely something nice to have in the future.

I would like to bump this request as well. I use a xbox controller to control the table wirelessly.

It would be really nice to be able to have shortcuts for the following buttons / actions:

Zero All Axes
Toggle Jog Speed Up
Toggle Jog Speed Down

The Jog Speed Up/Down isn’t really a button now, but would be nice to have an Action that bumped the jog speed to the next level.

I am sure others would like other buttons mapped but those are the 3 that I would really like to see.



Would REALLY love to see these hot keys as options:
Zero all axes
Dry run
Go to work zero

Hey Mitchell,

You can zero all axes with Alt+W.

I’ll make sure to pass along your suggestions to the software team!


Hey thanks for Alt+W tip - already super handy.

That would be great, thank you!