Modify - Just purchased Crossfire Pro

I have been a OG table owner for approximately 4 yrs. I’ve been eyeballing the crossfire table ever since it came out and finally pulled the trigger earlier this week. Will be here in June.
I have a few ideas to do some modifications to the table before assembly to prevent things I have found issues with the OG table.
What kind of modifications have you done to your Crossfire Pro? Looking for suggestions.
Couple things I’m planning on doing are:

  • find a way to protect the top and bottom of the water pans from leaks.
  • drain pan modifications. Dimples larger drain etc.
  • some kind of Gantry rail protection from splashback
  • lead screw protection guards
  • Gantry risers 2 in higher
    Anything else you can suggest would be appreciated. Thank you

tractor feeds for the cables
laser crosshair lines for easy indexing
water filtration
secondary bottom pan in water tray to prevent burn through and extend life of pans
weld pans together