Missouri rookie again…

Anyone on here from the STL area? This place seems like an awesome forum to be a part of. Been reading a lot on here since I’ve joined. Lots of good info. I’m currently waiting on my pro to be delivered.

With that said anyone ever upload files from other places rather than fusion 360 or sheet cam? I’ve got bend tech pro software with sheet metal module I’d like to use. Just curious if anyone else plays with the Bend Tech software/fire control combo.

If that software exports a DXF or an SVG you are good to go.

But you’ll still need to either run it through fusion 360 CAM environment with the landmuir post-processor installed.


You’ll have to run it through sheetCAM with the langmuir post processor installed.

Thanks man! So I can’t upload a dxf from any software to fire control? It has to be ran through the sheet cam or fusion 360 to read it?

Correct. FireControl uses G-Code. You need a program to convert the graphical data (DXF, SVG) to G-Code compatible with FireControl. This requires a FireControl post processor in whatever program you use. I would recommend SheetCam because this is it’s only role and it’s very easy to use.

Thanks for the clarity. Best place to purchase the sheetCAM is directly from Langmuir? The 140$ version?

Yes, it’s $10 cheaper at Langmuir than buying direct from SheetCam. Order from Langmuir, they send you a code, and you use that to get a license code from SheetCam. In either case you need to download the SW from SheetCam. The product is called SheetCam TNG.

Awesome. Thanks again fellas.

FYI…sheetcam is real easy to use…and if you have problems reach out to us here…combined there is enough brains to blow up a box of tissues…

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