Missing welding table hardware

Anyone else receive there welding table missing the hardware to attach the legs? I received one screw out of the 16 needed. Come on Langmuir, step up the quality control.

Please contact support if you haven’t already and we’ll get your hardware out ASAP!


Mine were in a ziploc type bag in the box at the foot end of the box (fortunately that was the end I opened first). They were all there. Was your baggie missing or torn?

The leg box was much better than the table box. It was sealed well and UPS had not damaged it in any way. I’m just glad the screws weren’t in the table box because I’m pretty sure they would have fallen out along their journey through one of the holes UPS punched through the bottom.

Already did

I had one loose screw that was in one of the legs. That was it. No bag of hardware.

Just got my leg kit delivered. Corner of box was ripped and the screws strewn all inside the box. Fortunately, none of the 16 fell out during transit. That plastic bag used for the screws is a joke, just busted out of the bottom of the tiny ziplock bag. Definitely need some shipping packaging improvements.