Missing nuts on x-axis / gantry bolts

While going through the alignment video I noticed that the gantry was very loose when checking the vertical movement. The two large bolts (with aluminum spacers) that hold the x-axis tube to the gantry were missing washers and nuts.

I watched all the installation videos again to see if those were added at a later stage, but I think they were just missed at the factory. I had some spares in my shop, so I think I’m good now, but just wanted to give LS a heads-up.

Thanks for giving us the heads up, sounds like only the interior cap screw was holding things together. We started a few new people in gantry assembly so this will be a good learning example for them.


Just put my machine together and had some QA issues on mine as well. The x-axis motor mount cap screws would not thread. I checked the aluminium bracket threads and they didn’t match the y-axis. I went ahead and made them the same and was able to use the provided cap screws then. Also, those two large bolts mentioned above were loose and there was no mention of these in any of the installation videos. Still Happy! Thanks.