Missing CNC work so looking at MR-1

Starting to look for an affordable CNC mill. Every once in a while, I have a need for a part that could be made on a mill. Sometimes I can design in F360 and build with a 3D printer, but some need to be made of metal. Saw MR-1 on youtube, so thought I’d look into it. Used to run CNC mills. Retired now but missing the milling.

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My Mr1 is coming in about a week and Im pumped. I cant say for sure how much I like the machine yet but it looks like a great little mill. My first non diy cnc mill was a tormach and I have a feeling I am going to like this mr1 over my tormach 770.

My plan is to test out the mill for a month and then do full review of the surface finish and tolernaces it can achieve. I just need to finish designing a test part that can fit on my CMM and in the 2 machines I plan of testing and comparing.


Fantastic! Really looking forward to your review. Sending you my appreciation in advance for your efforts required to do the testing.

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