Missing BAG 10 in Hardware Box Bags

Anybody building their PRO right now? When I laid out all my hardware bags, it seems that I am missing bag #10. So I go thru the assembly instructions and look for where bag #10 is used. Can’t find that either. Somebody tell me I’m not losing my mind!!!

There is one bag number that is skipped and is not supposed to be in the kit.


Bag 10 is not used- it was initially (before delivery of the very first PRO machines after the pre-order) but the screws that it contained are now installed by us in the Z axis assembly. So no need for the bag.

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Bag #10 was originally intended for units being shipped to Area 51, but it’s been hard to confirm that…


I had that feeling, because I went thru the instructions 3 times looking for it. Thanks for clearing it up.

I just layed everything out and logged in to see what I was missing… There should be a little note in a bag labelled 10! Lol