Mirror in Firecontrol?

I have rotated and scaled parts but was wondering is there a way to flip or mirror a part in FC? Also can FC only upload one part/file at a time? Say if I want to cut 2 different parts should I nest/arrange them in 360 first or can that be done in FC?


It will only open one file at a time. If you are wanting to cut two different objects at the same time you will need to nest them in your cad file.

There is currently no way to mirror a part in Firecontrol.

If you want to nest multiple parts, you have to nest them elsewhere and load into Firecontrol as a single file.

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Thanks guys!

Seems like every time I think I have it all worked out I discover a new feature or learn a new trick. Figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

I use fusions 360 built-in nesting which is called arrange.

But I used to use

It is pretty good software for nesting.

Seemed like a good topic to include this link


Just like I said…off to go figure out what Arrange is. :grinning:

I use a range very often in Fusion 360 it is a great resource.

They also have a advanced arrange but that said add-on purchase.

I did use the advanced arrange when they are beta testing it and it is amazing with all the options. But the normal arrange that just comes standard works fine.