Mirror Cutout Panel

I cutout a panel that I drew up for my granddaughter and I made into a mirror. I welded guides along the sides and bottom of the panel that the mirror just slides into and also allowing all the cutouts visible to the mirror. It’s powder coated mint green but the picture distorts the color a bit.


Nice…I am fortunate to get to watch my granddaughter Isla (age 7) every Thursday. Looking forward to creating something for her as well! :slight_smile: I don’t get my Crossfire Pro till the end of April.

I like that treatment if a mirror frame. Very nice. Being able to customize the name and color for someone makes it something that they’ll keep for years. Good idea with using slip in slots for the mirror so it’s replaceable if something happens to it.

Very nicely done. Between this forum and Jim - I’ll have projects until the next century.

Just kidding. So many good ideas create even more good ideas.

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